Because this is the greatest sport in the world

Welcome to The MotoX Club

A new way of supporting Motocrossers in the UK. A club that is open to everyone, that aims to support racers in helping to raise profiles for sponsorship, run championship events offer help and advice for everyone to reach your potential, maximise your investment in this sport and your careers.
For all racers that join The MotoX Club you will enjoy discounts on products, opportunities to compete in Championships and assistance in raising your profile to help gain sponsorship.
We are pleased to create and manage the British Womens Motocross Championship for the BWMA and hope to expand this and run future championships.
Help and advise to get you fit for our sport with advise from The MotoX Club and BWMA founder and Womens IMBA rider Vicky Marriott on how she prepares for her racing.

Train with
The MotoX Club

Motocross is the most physically demanding sport in the world. To succeed at any level you need to be strong and fit. We have developed along with our partner SIS a fitness program with the correct supplements for winter training, summer training and racing. This program is a base line for you to work with and develop to suit your ability and ambition.