All other sports are just cross training for motocross

Why Train?


Motocross, the most physically demanding sport in the world.

An integral part of your training is nutrition, before, during and after training. This is just as important for racing and we will advise you of that with our Nutrition partners when we have confirmed their partnership. Making sure you take the right proteins and supplements to aid recovery will ensure you body recovers quick enough to reach your targets.
There is no getting away from it, not just to do well at our sport but to stay safe, you have to have a good degree of base fitness and for most of us, we don't have the luxury of being able to ride every day. So, a good training regime, particularly in the winter, is just as important as being coached on the practice track to improve our racing.

The Baseline Training Program?
Well with our weather, getting any worthwhile training on a track is near impossible, and we don't want to be training hard in between race days. So we have a baseline schedule to build muscle endurance and CV.

The Training Program
We have put together a training program to build strength and endurance not muscle mass. Some of the exercises we have developed specifically with motocross in mind and at all times we are trying to mimic the demands of motocross using the facilities of any local gym or a simple set of home weights.

Our programs will give you the strength and endurance you need to be a better and safer racer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Before stepping up your training program it is worth getting a medical check up. Also when training I encourage you to work with your coach (dad, sibbling or friend) or training partner. A coach will help you keep to your program and encourage you to reach your goals, also some of the exercises take two.

The Baseline training program

This program is the one I use during the winter. My approach is to build up some muscle mass to protect my body from injury and give me the strength to haul my bike when necessary, and muscle endurance for racing long distances so light weights but lots of reps mixed with  CV work.  Where possible I mix more than one exercise at the same time. I hope you find this of interest and gives you a base to tailor your own program.
I think about the motion and stance of a motocross rider. We are mostly in a crouched or sitting position so I try to replicate this in my training. I use cardio to warm up and time my sets to a race distance, so 3 lots of each set takes about 15 minutes and I aim to do at least 4-5 sets per session.