Suspension advice by Gary Reynders

We are pleased to be working with Gary Reynders of Gaz66 one of the world's top suspension technicians. Gary has been suspension technician for several World MX Champions including Sebastian Tortelli, Andrea Bartolini, Frederic Bolley before moving onto Lead technician for many MotoGP riders including Danny Pedrosa, Colin Edwards and Sylvain Guintoli to name a few.

There isn't much Gary doesn't know about Suspension set up and since basing himself in England for the last 5 years his reputation gaining momentum on the British Motocross scene.

To find out more go to Gary's web page or speak to him, tell him you came across him on The MotoX Club website.

Suspension hints & tips
The best suspension on the market may not be easily affordable to the average racer in the UK…BUT…. there are many ways to get the best out of your stock suspension just by following these few basic handy hints & tips…
1, Warm up!
Too many people neglect their suspension from the word go.
You warm up your body and your engine, so always ‘warm up’ your suspension by giving it a few cool laps to warm up the cold seals before hitting the throttle!
2, Feel the pressure!
Before looking to the suspension for issues, make sure you have the correct tyre pressures, as this can adversely affect the handling of any bike, sometimes a thing that’s commonly overlooked.
3, Clean & Lubricate!
Pressure washers and dirt can cause havoc. Always make sure your suspension is clean and remember to lubricate the steering head, shock linkage and swingarm pivot every so often.
4, Sag!
Learn how to check your suspension sag.  Another basic that gets overlooked but can have a big effect on performance.
5. Maintain your suspension at least once a year!
Even if your suspension hasn’t done many hours over the season, the oils will eventually lose their viscosity, seals will deteriorate, and dirt will always find a way in to ruin your fun. A service every 12 months will keep your suspension smooth, and lessen the need for replacement parts.

Suspension set up days
We will be working together to arrange suspension set up days where Gary will work with you to help understand Compression and Rebound and the effects of adjustiment and how to approach it.

Keep an eye on this page for dates and venues.