Coaching Your rider

It is important that your rider is coached correctly and hopefully the following tips will help you coach effectively.

General Coaching Advice

The role of the coach in motocross is underestimated but like any other sport vital to the success of the athlete. Many of you don't understand that you are already coaching. What I hope to do here is give you the encouragement and some help to develop your coaching skills to help and assist your rider in reaching their full potential.
Split down the riders program into the following segments and work together to manage your targets.
1.  Training
2.  Nutrition
3.  Practicing
4.  Racing

Work out a training regime that works for the rider. I  have started you off on the next page with a program I use with some additional exercises for you to use as a starting point.
Between you and your athlete work out which exercises you put together for your own program. Work out the right weight for your rider and the right amount of reps.
The important part now is for you to encourage and motivate your athlete to complete the exercises, keep a chart and work towards your goals.

It is important that