About Us


After creating the BWMA to help develop womens motocross in the UK with a British Championship of their own, I thought there was more we could do to help the sport in general and this is why I formed The MotoX Club.

The MotoX Club is a new approach to supporting UK Motocross racers. We are different to other Motocross businesses in that we operate like a club and it is our goal to support our members wherever we can in three key areas.

The inspiration to do this came from the structure of most other sports. If you were a swimmer, tennis player, footballer, athlete, boxer, you name it, coaching and training is a massive part of your development, but with motocross there is virtually no structure in place and I think it is time to change.

So The MotoX Club is designed not to compete with other Motocross shops but to help give guidance on training, organise affordable track coaching days, promote race series and bring together partners that can help you reach your goals, male or female.

It costs nothing to join. As we are trying to help dedicated racers all we need is your race details, see the form here. Then you can enjoy discounts off all our products, All our products are from sponsors of our series and/or specifically to help develop and improve your racing. Join the community, training and coaching assistance and join in with our race programs.

This is the greatest sport in the world so let's do it right.

Vicky 382 Marriott